Property Litigations

Over and above the Drafting and vetting of the Deeds and documents our firm also undertake the Litigations of any nature whatsoever before any court across India with reference to Immovable Properties.
We undertake the filing and/or defending the court cases including suits for specific performance of Contracts, suit for Recovering possession of Properties, Declaratory Suit, Testamentary Suit, Obtaining Probate, succession Certificate, Letter of Administration, Company Petitions, Suit for enforcement of Terms of the Contract, Litigation relating to Labor law, Partnership Disputes, Redevelopment Related Litigation, Litigation under Rent Control Act, landlord Tenant Disputes, Co Operative Housing Society Dispute and many more


We undertake Drafting and vetting of all kind of Deeds and Documents
After scrutinizing the Title Documents we advise and suggest the best document that could be executed so as to safeguard the interest of our client in the Property towards his investment.
We undertake Drafting and vetting of documents like Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, will, Transfer Deed, Release Deed, Gift Deed, Partnership Deed, Trust Deed, Mortgage Deed, MOU, Agreement for sale, Agreement to Sale, Power of Attorney, Joint venture Agreement, Partnership Deeds, Sale and Supply Agreement, Job Contracts, NDA, business Contracts, Service Agreement, Marketing Agreement, and many other documents.
We make sure that all safeguards are taken, role of parties are defined, clarity of facts, aspects and monetary terms, monetary security, defining the termination and consequences, Clarifying the Legal Remedies etc.

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