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Registration of Document

Registration of Document

The Registration of documents is always suggested so that the same represents and assures that conservation of evidence, prevention of fraud assurance of title, publicity of documents etc.

Registered Documents helps an intending purchaser to not only know the tile of the Owner but also to validate the Title as the Original Registered Documents are mandatory to be submitted with the financial institution for the purpose of obtaining loan and/or an advance against the Property.

Registration Act makes it mandatory to register all the Documents which affects the Right, Title and Interest with respect to Immovable Property.

Our firm do provide the services of Registration of Property Documents including, Agreement for Sale, Transfer Deeds, MOU, Power of Attorney, Development Agreement, Conveyance Deed, Mortgage Deed etc before the Competent Registrar and/or Registering authority.

Real Estate & Property Trasfer

The transfer of Property happens by way of executing and registering the Deed/Agreement. This Deed/Agreement is a formal Legal document which set out and confirms the transfer of Rights, Title and Interest of the Property from one person to another.

Considering requirement and prevailing laws we advise our client the systematic approach towards the investment opportunities directly or indirectly in Read Estate.

We also Provide the advise to Developers, Investors, Landlord, Property Owners, Tenants, Occupants towards the drafting and vetting of various property related Deeds, documents, agreements, MOU, terms and conditions and many more.